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Now text with your incarcerated loved one from any US, Canada or Mexico mobile phone number.

Currently for Federal Inmates Only

For you, and all friends and family of the inmate

We assign a unique phone number to the inmate, to communicate with that inmate via text, all you need to do is send a text to that phone number, just like you would to any other contact. No need to sign into CorrLinks, a website or have an app installed. Receive immediate text messages to your mobile device every time the inmate sends you a message. Responding to a text from the inmate is just as easy, just reply back to the inmate using your existing texting software.

For the inmate

The inmate sends the message to one of our CorrLinks accounts, we then convert that message into a text that we then send to any US, Canada or Mexico mobile phone number the inmate directs the message to. The recipient of a text from an inmate merely replies back to the inmate using their existing texting software. Once a subscriber, the inmate is able to send a text to as many phone number(s) as he/she wants. To make it even easier, we offer an alias feature where the inmate can assign a name to a phone number and then afterward, the inmate just uses the alias when sending a message. The inmate is still responsible for paying all BOP fees tied to using and sending messages in CorrLinks.


The unique phone number we assign to the inmate can both send and receive an unlimited number of texts each month.

US & Canada Plan

Unlimited SMS $12/mo. USD
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US, Canada & Mexico Plan

Unlimited SMS $15/mo. USD
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InTouch CallingTM customers receive a $2/mo discount off of their monthly AllDayText subscription.

With AllDayText, your loved one is just a text away!